MindFuel and RoboGarden are pleased to announce Coding Part ll, a hands-on professional learning experience for Calgary and area teachers. Hosted at RoboGarden (1716 16 Ave NW, Calgary) on Thursday, April 4, 2019, this event is open to K-12 educators with an interest in programming and coding. Teachers will attend a presentation and split into groups for grades K-8 and 9-12. Registration is free and includes light refreshments and RoboGarden will provide EdTech certifications to participants at the end of the workshop. Spaces are limited to attend. Please RSVP via Eventbrite before 6:00 p.m. on Monday, April 1.

** Please note: Teachers are required to bring a laptop to participate. **


1. Presentation: Computational Thinking (45 min)

  • How and why Computational Thinking (aka Problem Solving/Critical Thinking/Analytical Thinking) is becoming a priority in classrooms as curriculum begins to prioritize STEAM learning
  • How Computational Thinking can contribute to students development in and out of the classroom
  • RoboGarden’s approach to developing computational thinking and learn to code skills within a single program

2. Demonstration of RoboGarden (45 min)

  •  How RoboGarden works
  •  How learners progress from the simplest to the most complex tasks
  • How teachers can manage a classroom full of students using RoboGarden without needing to know anything about coding
  • Prepare teachers to play RoboGarden for the second half of the evening

3. Break (10-15 minutes)

4. Play RoboGarden (70-80 min) split into two groups

  • K-8 room – learn about coding foundations using part 1 of the RoboGarden program. This teaches the “basics” of coding including lexicon/vocabulary/structure/options/features/processes etc. This is done using the “Blockly” coding methodology.
  • 9-12 room  – teach teachers how they can offer students a way to learn how to write code in the popular JavaScript and Python languages