Designing the STEM Skills Needed for Tomorrow

What Teachers Love About Edacity

My students enjoyed everything that I taught them using the Edacity materials. I could tell that the conversations we were having were shaping their views on what direction they were planning to head in the future.

Edacity Teacher

Calgary, Alberta

This workshop exposes students to diverse STEM topics and fundamentals of project building. These opportunities help students in career interests and team work that may be limited until post-secondary.

High School Team Advisor

edacity’s geekStarter, Lethbridge, Alberta

What Students Love About Edacity

The mentors and special guests’ background stories because it helps us/me see the path of creating and selling items.

Grade 8 Student

Robotics workshop participant, Calgary, AB

edacity is all about creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurialism in STEM. We focus on breaking down the barriers that prevent students from embracing these fields and make it our mission to foster a belief that everyone can be innovative.

To us, edacity is a way of thinking – it’s seeing the problems in the world and coming up with unique solutions; it’s thinking critically about science and society; and it’s challenging the status quo.

With this in mind, edacity is curriculum-aligned course resources to help teachers bring entrepreneurship into the classroom for their Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) and Career and Technology Studies (CTS) classes. We connect students with experienced mentors who share their passion and drive to change the world. Through these immersive experiences that promote meaningful and authentic exploration of various occupational areas, students develop critical thinking and come to understand what it means to be “innovative.”

Through edacity, students build skills in critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, collaboration, managing information, cultural and global citizenship, creativity and innovation, and personal growth and well-being. Skills are reinforced through unique learning opportunities and connections to various community innovators across multiple career clusters.

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