Edacity An insatiable craving for innovation and creativity

My students enjoyed everything that I taught them using the Edacity materials. I could tell that the conversations we were having were shaping their views on what direction they were planning to head in the future.

Edacity Teacher

Calgary, Alberta

The word “edacity” means voraciousness and appetite – in this case, an insatiable craving for innovation and creativity.

edacity is about creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurialism. Students who participate in one of our edacity StEM programs develop solutions to real-world challenges, whether local or global. Through course resources, mentorship connections, and entrepreneurial-inspired events, students develop critical thinking and come to understand what it means to be innovative.

To us, entrepreneurship is far more than just opening up a shop or selling a product. It’s a whole way of thinking – it’s seeing the problems in the world and coming up with unique solutions. It’s thinking critically about science and society, and it’s challenging the status quo. We focus on breaking down the barriers that prevent high school students from embracing these fields and make it our mission to foster a belief that we can all innovate.

geekStarter – part of the edacity program – includes student-led, project-based learning for middle and high school students. Teams focus on solving real-world problems through emerging STEM fields, such as synthetic biology, nanotechnology, robotics, and coding. Mentoring, lab setup, resources and travel support are provided by MindFuel and our partners, with opportunities to compete in global STEM competitions such as the iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machines) competition and FIRST Robotics Competition.

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