MindFuel calls on students to jumpstart their futures early with free digital and coding skills training on Codingville.ca

Calgary, AB – November 13, 2019 – MindFuel is calling on teachers and students who are keen to code to pre-register now for their free access to a lineup of educational and engaging coding literacy modules, as the number of free accounts is limited.

MindFuel will offer complimentary coding and digital skills training on Codingville.ca to 124,000 students and 4,600 educators across Canada, from December 15th through to March 31, 2021. MindFuel’s project, “Fueling Canada’s Innovation Sector,” is made possible based on a $2 million award from CanCode, funded by the Department of Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada, in addition to $4 million in contributions from MindFuel and its partner network. In total, the project is worth $12 million, including the $6 million in value of donated coding modules and classes.

“We’re living in a digitally-centric world. We need to inspire our students to pursue careers in STEM fields. By engaging them in educational opportunities such as coding software classes, we’re able to open students’ minds to the possibilities of related post-secondary study,” says Cassy Weber, CEO, MindFuel. “And as a catalyst for the future, we’re furthering our mission by encouraging young people, including the under-represented groups, to prepare for future careers in Canada’s digital economy.”

A critical aspect in delivering programming to 124,000 students and 4,600 teachers across Canada is a collaboration network, which includes:

MindFuel’s partner network includes:

Software Development Partner:

In-the-Field Training Partners:

“We’re laser focused on helping learners proactively take control of their education, which is exactly what this program provides,” says Mohamed Elhabiby, President, RoboGarden Inc., MindFuel’s partner in development of content on Codingville.ca. “I am confident that we will make a large impact on increasing digital literacy in Canada by bringing high-in-demand, game-based learning resources to market with MindFuel.”

MindFuel and its partner network aim to encourage and empower girls, youth with disabilities, rural youth, youth at risk and Indigenous youth to embark on STEM-related educational journeys.

Through the partner network, the coding program will be delivered both online and in-class, with an emphasis on delivering classroom-based training sessions in Alberta and Ontario. In addition, teachers will access training modules to learn how to provide instructional support to students and receive lesson plans for their classrooms.  Finally, students and teachers can access these self-directed learning modules online.

Schulich Ignite, an initiative spearheaded at Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary, is one of MindFuel’s CanCode program delivery partners.

“Through our initiative we introduce the joy of programming to students before they enter university and spark their interest in tech-related careers such as software engineering,” says Dr. Mohammad Moshirpour, Schulich School of Engineering.

Furthermore, “A big part of this program is reaching out to underrepresented groups within secondary schools,” explains Dr. Laleh Behjat, Schulich School of Engineering. “We know that we need a diverse set of minds working together when it comes to solving the world’s problems and we need to create shared, equitable solutions to these overarching issues.”

MindFuel and its network of partners understand the importance of developing resources that support and enhance digital skills and coding initiatives, including educator training and professional development opportunities. With the launch of this program, Canadian students and teachers will be able to successfully build their digital skills and contribute to Canada’s economic prosperity.


About MindFuel

Established in 1990 by James (Jim) Gray, O.C., as Science Alberta Foundation, MindFuel is a registered charitable organization focused on creating future generations of innovators and problem-solvers. As a digital literacy pioneer, MindFuel is helping Canada diversify its economy through a focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education and career paths. MindFuel supports teachers with 21st century award-winning learning services and helps immerse students in the fun world of STEM through blended learning, which includes both digital and hands-on training, critical to advancing Canada’s Innovation Agenda. MindFuel places a large emphasis on empowering girls, Indigenous youth and students in rural and remote regions to pursue studies and careers in STEM. In 2018, MindFuel programming reached hundreds of thousands of students across Canada in both French and English, and is used in over 170 countries around the world.

For more information on programming, please visit mindfuel.ca.

About Codingville.ca

MindFuel, a principal CanCode funding recipient, engaged RoboGarden as a major partner to develop an online engine, Codingville.ca, which supports coding and digital skills development courses through self-paced, gamified, experiential activities. Codingville.ca enables students (grades 1-12) to learn coding, computational thinking and STEAM concepts with helpful tools and coding activities, designed to engage students of all ages in game-based learning and to enhance skills development. At the end of each course students can create and share their very own applications/games they have built themselves! In addition, teachers have access to a teacher training course, designed to support teachers’ abilities to confidently deliver coding in the classroom and support students on their coding adventure.

For more information, and to pre-register to secure your access to programming, please visit codingville.ca.

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