We fuel curiosity

Not all students learn the same way

Not all students learn the same way, that’s why MindFuel develops and shares innovative alternatives to traditional STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning resources. These award-winning digital and hands-on learning experiences are designed to align with 21st century learning – that supports teachers in the classroom in Alberta and around the world. Our programs fuel curiosity. We work with educators to inspire learners from K-12 in Canada, the United States, and internationally. Teachers make all the difference when it comes to students’ learning.

Wonderville (Grades K–12) harnesses the power of the internet and helps kids discover how much fun science can be.

Ignition Pack (Grades 4–9) transforms classroom teaching by combining the best of 21st century learning, hands-on resources and digital components.

Edacity (Grades 9–12) is MindFuel’s hub for innovation and entrepreneurialism. Students identify real-world problems and invent creative solutions.


Today’s children are digital natives. The language of students is technology and engaging them in digital learning is critical. We create impactful, interactive online content and merge it with collaborative hands-on activities to bridge the gap between these digital natives and their educators.


Curious, thoughtful, young people are our future. They will solve the problems of tomorrow and we are here to support them in that journey. And supporting teachers, by providing them with curriculum-aligned tools and resources, helps build stronger classrooms. To spark innovation, our games and activities are based on real-world problems that ask students to think critically and to develop inspired solutions.


Learning doesn’t stop with a school bell or a graduation cap. The drive to explore is innate in all of us, and learning can happen anytime, anywhere. We create opportunities for discovery both in and out of the classroom, and equip teachers and parents with tools to encourage and support learning.


Unbiased, accurate scientific information comes from collaboration with the those who lead. When we create a new learning resource, we draw from a network of skilled experts to ensure we deliver true and engaging content. For design inspiration, we turn to experience and best practices evidenced in current research. To constantly improve, we work with academic researchers to understand the impact and effectiveness of our learning programs.



We listen when others speak. To meet the needs of teachers, students and their parents, we seek their feedback as we develop new learning resources. This approach means our users directly influence finished products. We also ensure the opinions of our community are reflected in what we build. We work together to achieve our best – our backgrounds are diverse, but our common connection is our commitment to the highest standards of education.

We speak inspiration.

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