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Not all students learn the same way but classrooms aren’t all equipped to address these different learning needs. At MindFuel, we are committed to igniting a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in youth of all ages and inspiring them to become the knowledge workers, leaders and problem-solvers of tomorrow. We do this by developing and distributing captivating hands-on and online science programs.

By encouraging exploration of real-world science and technology, we enhance science literacy and inspire a life-long appreciation for science learning. Our programs prepare new generations of young learners to become the innovators that will solve the problems of tomorrow.

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MindFuel.ca has a new look

Welcome to the new and improved MindFuel website, just in time for Valentine’s Day! With a bold and elegant look and feel, and intuitive navigation, our new site is designed with you in mind. Our goal in redesigning MindFuel.ca was to speak simply to our most...

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Celebrating Canada 150 with a new Wonderville game

MindFuel is excited to be part of the Canada 150 anniversary celebrations. As a recipient of project funding from the Government of Canada, work has already begun on a new digital learning resource about Canada’s great inventions and contributions over the past 150...

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geekStarter teams start work on 2017 projects

Once again, student teams across Alberta are beginning their work on solving real-world science problems. This year, in the high school and middle school category, MindFuel has seven schools participating. “Seeing middle and high school students working with mentors...

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Your tax-deductable donation helps children learn more about STEM careers. By supporting MindFuel, you are actively helping to diversify Alberta’s economy through educating the next generation of science leaders and educators.

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Wonderville harnesses the power of the internet and helps kids discover how much fun science can be.

Ignition Pack transforms classroom teaching by combining the best of 21st century learning, hands-on resources and digital components.

Edacity is MindFuel’s hub for innovation and entrepreneurialism. Students identify real-world problems and invent creative solutions.