Not all students learn the same way but classrooms aren't all equipped to address these different learning needs. At MindFuel, we are committed to igniting a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in youth of all ages and inspiring them to become the knowledge workers, leaders and problem-solvers of tomorrow. We do this by developing and distributing captivating hands-on and online science programs.

By encouraging exploration of real-world science and technology, we enhance science literacy and inspire a life-long appreciation for science learning. Our programs prepare new generations of young learners to become the innovators that will solve the problems of tomorrow. Continue reading >>

Meet MindFuel’s new chair of the board, Lew Turnquist

At a recent board meeting, Lew Turnquist, president of Opryx, was appointed MindFuel’s new chair of the board. Continue reading >>

Lazy days of summer? Not for young entrepreneurs!

MindFuel's Edacity program starts its NextGen Innovators camp. Continue reading >>

How do you solve a problem like Physics 30?

MindFuel recently presented at the annual conference for the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE).   Continue reading >>

Wonderville harnesses the power of the internet and helps kids discover how much fun science can be.
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Ignition Pack transforms classroom teaching by combining the best of 21st century learning, hands-on resources and digital components.
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Edacity is MindFuel’s hub for innovation and entrepreneurialism. Students identify real-world problems and invent creative solutions.
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