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What is
try this experiment
  • materials:
    Wint-O-Green-flavored Lifesavers or two sugar cubes


    • Find a dark room with a mirror.
    • Put the Lifesavers in your mouth, chew them up and watch closely as you chew.
    • If you don’t have Lifesavers, rub two sugar cubes together...and watch closely.
  • how it works

    Triboluminescence is light produced from friction. When you chew the lifesavers, or rub sugar cubes together, you are stressing the sugar crystals and creating electric potential. Electrons move across fractures in the crystal and excite the nitrogen molecules of the sugar. This gives off energy in the form of visible light!

How much saliva will you produce in your lifetime?
2 swimming pools worth.
Do particles move faster in hot water or cold water?

try this experiment

    • Fill one glass about three quarters full of very cold water.
    • Fill the other glass three quarters full of hot water.
    • Let the glasses sit for 20 seconds to make sure the water is no longer moving.
    • Drop several drops of food colouring into each glass.
    • Watch how the food colouring spreads.

    The colour spreads a lot faster in the hot water because its molecules have more energy and are moving around faster. As a result, they spread the colour around at a much faster rate!

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