The complete roadmap for young innovators™ is a game-based learning platform for introducing the foundational skills and logic around coding.

Featuring four unique journeys appropriate for grades K-3, 4-6, and 7+ that give youth the opportunity to learn and apply coding concepts in both block and text based languages. Each journey has a final project in which youth can build a game or app using their new understanding of coding.



Codingville™ provides a space for youth to practice and build on their coding skills. This game based platform gives them the opportunity to problem solve, troubleshoot, and develop a coding mindset.


The coding journeys are presented in a game environment for students to learn various coding concepts.

3D assets, characters, animations and a storyline are utilized throughout the adventures and missions to offer an engaging experience for the learner.

For Everyone

Codingville™ allows students to progressively build their coding skills. Being self-paced, the game based platform allows kids to transition from block based coding to text languages like JavaScript at their own speed.


For Teachers

Codingville™ gives teachers an empowering tool that allows them to manage all aspects of their students’ learning without needing any previous programming experience.
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