MindFuel Metrics


Reach in Canada

Impact in Alberta










Supporting Future Innovators

Workshops, mentor-supported student research, innovation, skills development and real-world problem-solving.

23 middle/high school teams

433 students, 86,600 hours of student learning

12 collegiate teams

262 students, 52,400 hours of learning.

36 multiyear projects

4 have spun out into venture capital backed companies.


MindFuel's National STEM Focus

Projected student reach for 2018–19


Biodiversity, energy and alternative energy, agriculture, and environmental and water management science

STEM knowledge foundations (such as biology, physics, chemistry, and earth sciences)

Health and related sciences

Design thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurialism

Synthetic biology and nanotechnology

Computational thinking, robotics, information modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence

Space and astronomy

Indigenous ways of knowing


STEM Enrichment for Students & Teachers Worldwide

Students reached 2011 to 2018