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Congratulations to our 2023 scholarship recipients!

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CDL-Rockies Scholarship recipient | Paige Thompson – Olds, AB

“I want to extend my deep appreciation to the Mindfuel team, the Board of Directors and the CDL-Rockies for selecting me as a recipient of this scholarship. As a first year student at the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape at the University of Calgary I am already learning more about how the collaboration of STEM and design can lead to a more sustainable future. Design has always intrigued me because it is prevalent in every aspect of our built environment. What fascinates me even more is that in order to develop a world that is sustainable, equitable and socially inclusive we must incorporate new, innovative technologies. That is where my interest and love of STEM emerged. I am incredibly grateful to receive the Mindfuel and CDL-Rockies Opportunities 2023 Scholarship because together they celebrate how STEM can make a difference in our urban, technological and social landscapes. I look forward to continuing my education and to one day open my own architectural firm that focuses on how STEM and design can construct an improved built world.”

CDL-Rockies Scholarship recipient | Erica Chow – Calgary, AB

“I am truly grateful to have been awarded the CDL Rockies Opportunities Scholarship. I am currently majoring in Computer Science at the University of Calgary with a minor in Management and Society. I am passionate about finding ways in which technology can assist us in finding solutions to global problems such as the climate crisis. During the next few years, I hope to meet like-minded individuals who are as passionate as I am about using technology to better society. The CDL Rockies Scholarship will allow me to pursue my education in Computer Science alongside my interests and goals. I am extremely honored to have been awarded this scholarship and am grateful for the support of Mindfuel and the CDL Rockies program.”

2022 recipients

CDL-Rockies Scholarship – Sabrina Pricope

Stanley Dana Weber Memorial Scholarship – Seth Perez

ASTech Grow-Safe Founders Scholarship – Allyssa Bontilao

2021 recipients

ASTech-GrowSafe Systems Founders Scholarship – Elijah Agena

2020 recipients

ASTech-GrowSafe Systems Founders Scholarship – Joanne Cai

2019 recipients

James (Jim) Gray Scholarship – Peter Shmerko

Dr. Arlene Ponting Scholarship – Allison Guthrie

Anne Tingle Scholarship – Amy Lundstrom

ASTech Foundation Scholarship – Karen He

ASTech-GrowSafe Systems Founders Scholarship – Emily Nattress

2018 recipients

James (Jim) Gray Scholarship – Nimaya De Silva

Dr. Arlene Ponting Scholarship – Ben Lokanc

Anne Tingle Scholarship – Ryane Fyith-McArthur

ASTech Foundation Scholarship – Bushra Anjum

ASTech-GrowSafe Systems Founders Scholarship – Femi Akinola

2017 recipients

James (Jim) Gray Scholarship – Astha Burande

Dr. Arlene Ponting Scholarship – Syed Rizvi

Anne Tingle Scholarship – Tyler Bedier

ASTech Foundation Scholarship – Chloe Devoy

2016 recipients

James (Jim) Gray Scholarship – Adley Mok

Dr Arlene Ponting Scholarship – Genna Friend

ASTech Foundation Scholarship – Gregory Neagu

Anne Tingle Scholarship – Poshika Dhingra

2015 recipients

James (Jim) Gray Scholarship – Mary Dimaano

Dr Arlene Ponting Scholarship – Jyllenna Wilke

Anne Tingle Scholarship – Sarah Penney

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