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CDL-Rockies Opportunities Scholarship recipient

Scholarship recipient

Sabrina Pricope

“I am currently beginning my academic journey at the University of Alberta in a General Bachelor of Science with a Major in Physics. I have always been fascinated by the beauty and intricacies of math and applied science, and am extremely excited to be surrounded by University of Alberta scientists, mathematicians, researchers, and designers who are leaders in their respective fields. While completing my undergraduate degree, I have committed myself to designing and developing an app called Study Without Bounds as a tool to assist students in their own pursuits of success in STEM. The 2022 MindFuel CDL-Rockies Opportunities Scholarship is supporting my journey in STEM, while also helping me contribute to the creation of a brighter future with increased resources for students and higher rates of STEM involvement. Thank you again for MindFuel’s and CDL-Rockies’ generous support, as it has a huge impact on my post-secondary aspirations and my goal of one day becoming a role model for young women in STEM!”

ASTech-GrowSafe Systems Founders Scholarship recipient


Allyssa Bontilao

I am genuinely grateful to have been awarded the MindFuel, and GrowSafe Systems Founders’ Scholarship, which will help me succeed in my current journey as a young woman in STEM. I am attending the University of Alberta with a Specialization in Cell Biology. There, I am devoted to participating in the Department of Cell Biology and being surrounded by individuals who are just as dedicated and eager to be future world leaders in genetics and cellular biology. This scholarship will be an investment in my education so that I may start my path of contributing to our further understanding of genetic diseases and other cellular abnormalities. With your support, I hope to prove my worth as a future contributor to the world of medical genetic science and make a difference in the world of STEM today.

Stanley Dana Weber Memorial Scholarship recipient

Scholarship recipient

Seth Perez

“MindFuel has provided me with countless of high school opportunities that have expanded my thought processing, my work ethic, and my career opportunities. The Stanley Dana Weber Memorial Scholarship has greatly aided in my pursuit of an education and a profession in STEM, and has allowed me to reflect on my growth as a student both in academical and extracurricular areas. Currently, I am attending the University of British Columbia, pursuing Bachelors of Science in BioChemistry”

2021 recipients

ASTech-GrowSafe Systems Founders Scholarship – Elijah Agena

2020 recipients

ASTech-GrowSafe Systems Founders Scholarship – Joanne Cai

2019 recipients

James (Jim) Gray Scholarship – Peter Shmerko

Dr. Arlene Ponting Scholarship – Allison Guthrie

Anne Tingle Scholarship – Amy Lundstrom

ASTech Foundation Scholarship – Karen He

ASTech-GrowSafe Systems Founders Scholarship – Emily Nattress

2018 recipients

James (Jim) Gray Scholarship – Nimaya De Silva

Dr. Arlene Ponting Scholarship – Ben Lokanc

Anne Tingle Scholarship – Ryane Fyith-McArthur

ASTech Foundation Scholarship – Bushra Anjum

ASTech-GrowSafe Systems Founders Scholarship – Femi Akinola

2017 recipients

James (Jim) Gray Scholarship – Astha Burande

Dr. Arlene Ponting Scholarship – Syed Rizvi

Anne Tingle Scholarship – Tyler Bedier

ASTech Foundation Scholarship – Chloe Devoy

2016 recipients

James (Jim) Gray Scholarship – Adley Mok

Dr Arlene Ponting Scholarship – Genna Friend

ASTech Foundation Scholarship – Gregory Neagu

Anne Tingle Scholarship – Poshika Dhingra

2015 recipients

James (Jim) Gray Scholarship – Mary Dimaano

Dr Arlene Ponting Scholarship – Jyllenna Wilke

Anne Tingle Scholarship – Sarah Penney

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