Scholarship recipients

Congratulations to our 2021 scholarship recipient!

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ASTech-GrowSafe Systems Founders Scholarship

“I am truly honoured to be presented with the MindFuel and ASTech Systems Founders Award as I embark on my engineering studies at the University of Alberta! MindFuel and ASTech’s support empowers me to pursue, through my studies and extracurricular work, my interests in sustainable development and environmental stewardship. I hope to someday contribute to engineering a solution to eliminate microplastics pollution so our wildlife and our food chain can be maintained and my vision for the future achieved. I am so grateful to the ASTech-GrowSafe Systems Founders and MindFuel for this wonderful opportunity and I am excited for the journey of becoming a future engineer!”

Elijah Agena

2020 recipients

ASTech-GrowSafe Systems Founders Scholarship – Joanne Cai

2019 recipients

James (Jim) Gray Scholarship – Peter Shmerko

Dr. Arlene Ponting Scholarship – Allison Guthrie

Anne Tingle Scholarship – Amy Lundstrom

ASTech Foundation Scholarship – Karen He

ASTech-GrowSafe Systems Founders Scholarship – Emily Nattress

2018 recipients

James (Jim) Gray Scholarship – Nimaya De Silva

Dr. Arlene Ponting Scholarship – Ben Lokanc

Anne Tingle Scholarship – Ryane Fyith-McArthur

ASTech Foundation Scholarship – Bushra Anjum

ASTech-GrowSafe Systems Founders Scholarship – Femi Akinola

2017 recipients

James (Jim) Gray Scholarship – Astha Burande

Dr. Arlene Ponting Scholarship – Syed Rizvi

Anne Tingle Scholarship – Tyler Bedier

ASTech Foundation Scholarship – Chloe Devoy

2016 recipients

James (Jim) Gray Scholarship – Adley Mok

Dr Arlene Ponting Scholarship – Genna Friend

ASTech Foundation Scholarship – Gregory Neagu

Anne Tingle Scholarship – Poshika Dhingra

2015 recipients

James (Jim) Gray Scholarship – Mary Dimaano

Dr Arlene Ponting Scholarship – Jyllenna Wilke

Anne Tingle Scholarship – Sarah Penney