Congratulations to the 2017 scholarship recipients.

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James (Jim) Gray Scholarship recipient

Nimaya De Silva

Nimaya De Silva

“I am incredibly thankful for MindFuel and Mr. Jim Gray for allowing me to pursue my passions for the sciences without being held back by financial concerns. Due to this scholarship, I am able to follow my interests in medicine and the sciences by pursuing a biomedical sciences degree at the University of Calgary. MindFuel has also been one of the main sources of funding while I participated in the iGEM program. Without MindFuel and their generosity I truly would not be where I am today–with research and lab experience, and a passion to further the scientific fields.”

Dr. Arlene Ponting Scholarship recipient

Ben Lokanc

Ben Lokanc

“I am very honored and grateful to be the recipient of the Dr. Arlene Ponting scholarship as it will tremendously help my future studies at the University of Calgary at the Schulich School of Engineering! I am not only grateful to receive this award but I am also grateful for those individuals at MindFuel that see me as a bright mind in my generation. This does not only give me the validation and confidence to go forward and pursue my goal of becoming a software engineer, but to go and help others see the value in pursuing a STEM field.”


ASTech-GrowSafe Systems Scholarship recipient

Femi Akinola

Femi Akinola

Coming soon.

Anne Tingle Scholarship recipient

Ryane Fyith-McArthur

Ryane Fyith-McArthur

“I am sincerely honored to have been selected as the recipient of the Anne Tingle Scholarship. I would like to take this time to thank MindFuel and Ms. Anne Tingle for their generosity and support. It is great honor to be awarded such an esteemed award. I am grateful for the financial assistance, but also to know that there are others who support me and believe in my abilities. It has been a dream of mine since a young girl to become a Doctor and help save lives. My dream is starting to become a reality as I pursue post-secondary studies at the University of Alberta in a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology degree. This scholarship has helped me to get my first foot in the doorway to a lifelong journey of learning, growth and making a difference in people’s lives.”


ASTech Foundation Scholarship recipient

Bushra Anjum

Bushara Anjum

Coming soon.

2017 recipients

James (Jim) Gray Scholarship – Astha Burande

Dr. Arlene Ponting Scholarship – Syed Rizvi

Anne Tingle Scholarship – Tyler Bedier

ASTech Foundation Scholarship – Chloe Devoy

2016 recipients

James (Jim) Gray Scholarship – Adley Mok

Dr Arlene Ponting Scholarship – Genna Friend

ASTech Foundation Scholarship – Gregory Neagu

Anne Tingle Scholarship – Poshika Dhingra

2015 recipients

James (Jim) Gray Scholarship – Mary Dimaano

Dr Arlene Ponting Scholarship – Jyllenna Wilke

Anne Tingle Scholarship – Sarah Penney