Scholarship recipients

Congratulations to our 2019 scholarship recipients!

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James (Jim) Gray Scholarship recipient

scholarship recipient

Peter Shmerko

“It is an incredible opportunity to have been selected as the recipient for the James Gray scholarship. This will help me greatly as I pursue my studies at the University of Calgary in the Schulich School of Engineering. My current goal is to study mechanical engineering with a minor in aerospace engineering. As I continue to pursue my passions with UAVs and other aerial vehicles, I wish to inspire others to seek STEM as a career and be encouraged by my contributions and achievements. This scholarship has given me more confidence to pursue my goals as I’ve seen how MindFuel values my contributions towards STEM.”     

Dr. Arlene Ponting Scholarship recipient

Scholarship recipient

Allison Gunthrie

“Science has always been something that has been a huge part of my life. As a kid, I loved to learn about everything I saw around me, identifying and classifying everything, building tools and solving problems. What this degree in science means to me now is that I can get paid to do that full time! With the Arlene Ponting award, I am more free to fully focus on school, and pursue career opportunities wherever they may lead me without having to worry about if it is financially affordable. For that, I am extremely grateful to those who have worked so hard to make that award a possibility. I intend to use the scholarship toward my studies in Environmental Science and Plant Biology, as I work towards first undergrad, then Masters and PhD degrees in a biological field.”  


ASTech-GrowSafe Systems Founders Scholarship recipient

Scholarship recipient

Emily Nattress

“With this generous award, I will continue to develop knowledge in the STEM fields until I possess the skill set to be able to contribute myself. In the future, I will follow my passion and help to push STEM studies to the next level. This next step, I hope will have an immense impact on the worldwide community and improve the lives of millions.” 

Anne Tingle Scholarship recipient

Scholarship recipient

Amy Lundstrom

“Receiving the 2019 Anne Tingle Scholarship has brought me one step closer to a successful future. Success is by no means defined by a person’s income or social statues, but instead by one’s ability to act on their curiosity. My curiosity has drawn my attention to the wonderful world of science, especially biology and physics. I am now able to act on my curiosity and learn more about what fascinates me.”         



ASTech Foundation Scholarship recipient

scholarship recipient

Karen He

“I am greatly humbled and beyond grateful to be the recipient of the 2019 ASTech Foundation Scholarship! This scholarship has greatly supported my pursuit of a future in STEM, both through its financial aid for my Cell Biology studies at the University of Alberta, and in its motivational support, by recognizing my abilities and encouraging me to keep learning and innovating. To MindFuel and ASTech, I give my most sincere thank you!”

2018 recipients

James (Jim) Gray Scholarship – Nimaya De Silva

Dr. Arlene Ponting Scholarship – Ben Lokanc

Anne Tingle Scholarship – Ryane Fyith-McArthur

ASTech Foundation Scholarship – Bushra Anjum

ASTech-GrowSafe Systems Founders Scholarship – Femi Akinola

2017 recipients

James (Jim) Gray Scholarship – Astha Burande

Dr. Arlene Ponting Scholarship – Syed Rizvi

Anne Tingle Scholarship – Tyler Bedier

ASTech Foundation Scholarship – Chloe Devoy

2016 recipients

James (Jim) Gray Scholarship – Adley Mok

Dr Arlene Ponting Scholarship – Genna Friend

ASTech Foundation Scholarship – Gregory Neagu

Anne Tingle Scholarship – Poshika Dhingra

2015 recipients

James (Jim) Gray Scholarship – Mary Dimaano

Dr Arlene Ponting Scholarship – Jyllenna Wilke

Anne Tingle Scholarship – Sarah Penney