Education Advisory Group

Bringing STEM and education experts together for further innovation

Responding to ongoing social and economic challenges is never an easy task, but MindFuel is up for it. Devoted to lifelong learning in STEM education, we are currently establishing an advisory committee to support our programs and future initiatives.

This committee will consist of representatives from various backgrounds, including teachers, collegiate students, principals, administrators and industry organizations. By providing advice to the board and administrators involved in MindFuel programs, these advisors will play an important role in enabling educational organizations to keep programs current and relevant to changing community needs. These committees are a vital component for MindFuel’s future initiatives.

Aspects of this role will involve:

  • Collaborating with MindFuel and other education specialists to continue creating engaging educational resources in STEM,
  • Strengthening localised STEM knowledge for students in Alberta,
  • Being an advocate/ambassador of MindFuel,
  • Working in collaboration with other education specialists to spark innovation, creativity and engagement in today’s youth,
  • Providing feedback and work to create lessons that meet francophone and indigenous content needs,
  • Collaborating on complex issues and projects,
  • Working to implement practices and mobilize into key groups to strategize and beta test,
  • Preparing policy recommendations and position statements, and
  • Working independently and in small groups on specific STEM education-oriented tasks.


MindFuel believes advisory committees are invaluable to the work we’re doing. We look forward to receiving reports and recommendations, as well as collaborating on complex issues and projects in the pursuit of STEM education innovation.

If you are curious about joining MindFuel’s advisory committee, send your inquiry or statement of interest to

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