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What teachers love about Wonderville™

Exploring the life of trees and growing conditions through an interactive activity on Wonderville.org. This is a perfect way to reinforce learning from our in-school field trip “Tree Tales” yesterday!

Wonderville.org teacher user

Grade 6 teacher

What students love about Wonderville™

Getting to play the games and watching the video helped me remember it better.

Wonderville.org student user

Every child begins with a natural sense of curiosity and wonder. They are born scientists, engineers, and creators ready to discover the world at every turn.Shilling, R. (2015).

Wonderville.org gives students the opportunity to discover. Students explore the world of STEM through engaging with online activities that align with science standards, inspiring them to become tomorrow’s problem solvers and innovators, as well as lifelong learners. A dynamic online portal, Wonderville™ contains libraries of resources that allow students to dive deeper into topics that spark their curiosity. Even more important, as all students do not learn in the same way, we’ve worked hard to develop and share innovative alternatives to common STEM-learning resources, supporting students at all learning levels.

Working in collaboration with skilled experts, Wonderville’s award-winning animations, games, puzzles, quizzes, and career showcases present unbiased and accurate scientific information, all tested in classrooms to ensure impact and effectiveness. All games and activities are based on real-world problems that ask students to think critically, develop inspired solutions, and fuel their curiosity. Included in these well-developed lesson plans are digital interactives that provide teachers with the framework for deeper investigation on a wide range of STEM topics. This blended learning approach provides multiple opportunities for teachers to personalize their students’ experience, bridging the gap between digital and hands-on experiences in the classroom.

Wonderville™ lessons create a unique interdisciplinary experience that addresses both curriculum outcomes and essential competencies: creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and innovative problem-solving. Each lesson is aligned to various learning practices including Alberta, NGSS, Ontario, and TEKS. Of note for Alberta and NGSS is that lessons include competencies and a three-dimensional approach to learning.

Serving educators for over 15 years, Wonderville™ drives student engagement, saves teachers valuable time, and most importantly, helps students understand and appreciate the important world of science. Our interactive resources have encouraged millions of students around the world to embrace STEM learning, and they can do the same for your students. Get your kids hooked on Wonderville and watch them become tomorrow’s innovators, critical thinkers and creative problem solvers.

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Wonderville™ is used by folks all around the world. Check out the real-time user map to see locations of visitors and the resources that are being used.

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