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The videos have added more about careers and real-life applications to my Science class. The games are also very interactive, information packed, and exciting.

Mandi R.

Science Teacher, Byemoor School, Alberta

Wonderville harnesses the power of the internet and helps kids discover how much fun science can be. By exciting minds and promoting the exploration of science concepts, Wonderville appeals to students from K-12. It presents real-life topics, with current and accurate facts that are curriculum aligned. This type of learning doesn’t feel like learning… but it is. We want students to dive deeper into topics that spark their curiosity.

Launched in 2002, this award-winning website contains hundreds of STEM-focused digital learning resources – animations, games, puzzles, quizzes, career showcases, and much more. Its latest version provides teachers with additional tools such as lesson plans, the ability to create and customize plans, assessments, community sharing and classroom progress reports.

Find out how you can help ignite young minds and support the creation of future innovators and problem solvers.

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