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Opinion: Alberta’s economic recovery can start with our youth

If Alberta and the rest of Canada want to repair their economies following the pandemic and set them up to be resilient, then youth, education and investment in innovation are the key. So many of our sectors have been severely impacted as we’ve battled the pandemic, so our solution for economic repair needs to be bold and assertive with a long-term vision.

Lethbridge youth group looks to help communities through “Mindfuel” funding

LETHBRIDGE, AB – A Lethbridge-based youth team has been looking to address sustainability in their community through MindFuel’s Tech Futures Challenge. The challenge aims to “help youth develop innovative mindsets and critical thinking skills that will help them in their future education and careers.”

Mindfuel aims to encourage youth innovation in STEM

MindFuel is a national organization, serving Canada as a registered charity since 1990. With a focus on the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields, they aim to encourage youth innovation, by developing programs for youth all through both the k-12 space as well as the post secondary space On January 15th, MindFuel launched their “Crack the Code Challenge”, which will run until the end of March.

The ABCs of Digital STEM Education with Cassy Weber – Innovating Canada

As a woman in a male-dominated tech field, what barriers have you encountered in your career? How did you overcome them? As the digital education sector continues to grow, pioneers like MindFuel are ensuring inclusive, diverse, and engaging innovation ecosystems are being built.

Calgary education charity Mindfuel offering free STEM content during coronavirus – LiveWire Calgary

With Alberta kids out of school and the demand for content to keep them educated and occupied, a Calgary charity has made available their STEM content for parents and teachers across the country. Mindfuel, a Calgary charity that’s been in operation for the past 30 years, is offering its subscription-based digital content free of charge […]

Augmented reality is helping kids learn

EDMONTON — A pilot program is putting augmented reality technology in Alberta classrooms to help make learning fun and interactive. “You can do things that are immersive and that’s really what the power of augmented reality is,” said Cassy Webber, Science Alberta Foundation CEO.

Schulich Ignite’s mission to inspire future engineers gets funding boost

“The Schulich Ignite initiative allows us to introduce the joy of programming to students before they enter university and spark their interest in tech-related careers such as software engineering,” says Moshirpour.

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Lethbridge iGEM teams hit the ground running | UNews

The University of Lethbridge iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machines) teams are once again demonstrating their innovative spirit. The collegiate team is attempting an ambitious project inspired by the works of Banting and Best, the researchers who were the first to extract and administer insulin in 1922, later selling their patent to the University of Toronto for a dollar.

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​Students in Grades 5-9 at five CBE schools are learning how to creatively solve problems, access individual expertise and collaborate with others to achieve common goals through the CTF Accelerator Program. The program, in partnership with Mindfuel, helps students develop and explore their passions within the Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) program of study.

Celebrations, community projects for Canada’s 150th revealed

Celebrating culture, recreation and Canadian innovation, the federal Liberal government doled out more cash for community projects this week to mark the country’s sesquicentennial – 150 years since Confederation. Calgary Centre MP Kent Hehr, Minister of Veterans Affairs, announced $640,642 for 10 different projects throughout the city to build on the future by respecting the past, such as recognizing the contributions of unique Canadians.

Alberta high school students attempt to create a rapid blood coagulant |

Six teams from around the province met in Lethbridge this weekend to learn about synthetic biology, and work with researchers to create a biological device designed to quickly coagulate blood. Alberta’s future doctors, scientists, and innovators were in Lethbridge this weekend to take part in the geekStarter program.

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