STEM-learning resources to spark imagination

Since 1990, MindFuel has been dedicated to creating unique STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) resources that engage youth and equip them with the skills they need to take on leadership roles of the future. At MindFuel we know this can only happen when we work together, share resources and information, and collaborate to create the critical thinkers of tomorrow.


Converting knowledge into fun

Helping to convert physics foes to physics fans, the goal of PhysicsFuel is to make learning fun and engaging for K–12 students. Currently in our third year of research, we’ve already discovered so much having assessed attitudinal insights, learning styles, and gender influences on physics learning in both middle and high school classrooms.

Check out some of our exciting insights to date:

Game-Based Learning

Using games to inspire STEM discoveries

Yep – game-based learning IS real! And MindFuel is a leading expert in developing digital games, tied to curricula, to support higher student engagement and, ultimately, performance. Why? For the last few decades of research, leading experts have discovered the positive impacts of game-based learning on student engagement and performance. Armed with this research, we’ve developed over 70 interactive games, along with co-authoring research on effective game-based development.

Read about our contributions with Storm Chasers: Raging Skies for deeper insights into this fascinating area of learning.

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