IntelliPark – our app saves drivers time, money, and reduce CO2 emissions leading drivers to open parking spaces


TKSmart, Vancouver, BC

Developing an app IntelliPark to help drivers find open parking spots (tech focus: IoT & AI)


Team Grade Level: 9-12
Team Experience Level: Beginner
STEM Focus: App Development


Looking for a parking space in a busy area or store is a hassle, and while drivers are spending that time looking for an open space, they are not only wasting time and money, but they are contributing to CO2 emissions. A study done in LA of a 15-block district showed that in one year, drivers notched up over 662 tons of CO2 emissions looking for parking. That’s where IntelliPark comes in. IntelliPark is an app that leverages IoT sensors and Artificial Intelligence to give real-time data on where open parking spaces are, reducing CO2 emissions.



Posted on

June 16, 2022

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