When most people think back to their childhood summers, they usually think about swimming, biking, camping – typical summer stuff. For entrepreneurs, however, the summer months usually bring back memories of their very first ventures: a lawn mowing business, a lemonade stand, or perhaps even selling frozen treats in the hot afternoon sun – at a generous markup of course.

This week, MindFuel’s edacity program is launching a pilot camp designed to help kids in Alberta develop their first entrepreneurial memories. But, instead of cutting grass or squeezing lemons, campers will be challenged to explore a different approach to entrepreneurship and discover how creativity, problem-solving, and a passion for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) can lead to world-changing ideas.

The five-day NextGen Innovators camp introduces participants to design thinking: powerful methods to identify problems and quickly generate real-world solutions. From dreaming up an initial idea then building and testing prototypes to making the perfect pitch, participants will experience the entrepreneurial process firsthand through fun and interactive activities and build critical thinking, communication and teamwork skills. Throughout the week, campers will also imagine how developing technologies, new scientific advancements, and global trends will create new opportunities and fuel industries of tomorrow.

Our goal? To inspire the next generation of leaders to be innovators and problem solvers. The skills and attitudes explored during the camp are designed to help kids find success whether they want to create a trailblazing startup, lead groundbreaking research, or simply make lasting change in their communities. With more children equipped and motivated to achieve his/her potential in business, research, or other science-related careers, we believe Alberta’s future workforce will be well positioned to contribute to a strong, innovative and competitive economy.

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