We’re delighted and honoured to announce that Wonderville.org, a MindFuel program, has captured two prestigious awards this season. In August, Wonderville.org received an Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award and in September we collected an Ember Award from Digital Alberta for E-Learning: Best Use of Technology for Formal Learning (K-12 or Post-Secondary).


“Wonderville helps teachers teach and students learn,” said Cassy Weber, MindFuel’s CEO. “It’s heartwarming to receive external validation on this non-traditional STEM learning resource that is used by families and teachers around the world.”

“There is so much information online that it’s difficult for an educator or parent to find quality, unbiased STEM resources,” says Margaret Glover-Campbell, MindFuel’s director of programs. “Being recognized for academic excellence by these two organizations means so much to us. It underscores the pride we take in creating resources that teach kids to ask their own questions, form their own conclusions and learn to love science.”

The Summer 2016 Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award recognizes leadership and educational quality, reserved for the best mind-building media and toys on the market, Wonderville.org was recognized as a dynamic space for STEM learning. The Digital Alberta Ember Award recognized Wonderville as the best e-learning solution for classroom education aimed at a K-12 audience.

Since 2002, Wonderville.org has been helping kids discover how much fun science can be. It’s been recognized widely for its ability to deliver curriculum-aligned science resources in an engaging and digitally immersive way for students from K-12. Wonderville.org contains hundreds of STEM-focused digital learning resources – animations, games, puzzles, quizzes and career showcases. Teachers can now create and customize plans, assessments and create classroom progress reports.

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