The Alberta Teachers’ Association hosted its Science Council Conference (ATA Science) at the Banff Centre last week. MindFuel hosted two two-hour sessions, with interactive activities for participants, which focused on integrating science, innovation and interdisciplinary learning. We also showcased Wonderville,org’s new Educator’ Gateway in the exhibit hall. 

“MindFuel takes an interdisciplinary approach to education, fusing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in real-world scenarios to engage students in learning,” says Caitlin Quarrington, MindFuel’s Manager of Education. “Through highlighting STEM approaches at the conference, MindFuel showcased how science can be made even more relevant to students today.”

The sessions that MindFuel hosted at ATA Science were…

Integrating STEM, innovation & entrepreneurship education

Using a World Café model, the session challenged participants to connect outcomes in STEM to innovation and entrepreneurship. Design-thinking methods were introduced to nurture risk-taking, creative problem-solving and empathy – critical skills needed to solve problems in the classroom and beyond. In this interactive session, MindFuel’s edacity and geekStarter resources were shared.

Multiple perspectives for interdisciplinary learning

Interdisciplinary learning takes science outcomes into the world of STEM. By grounding students in real-world scenarios and problem solving, these approaches deepen learning and support student success. This session introduced several methods, including game creation and project-based learning as ways to inspire interdisciplinary classrooms.

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ATA Science was established to provide teachers with an annual professional development opportunity, exposing them to the latest trends in science learning so that they can apply the insights in the classroom. This year, the conference keynotes Dr. Maria Sirois and Olympian Hayley Wickenheiser spoke about setting goals, attaining success and integrating positive psychology principles into teaching and learning.