There was a fire-breathing dragon, huge teeter totters, wagon races, giant illuminated dreamcatchers, construction crane rides, hands-on activities and much more for the over 55,000 Calgarians who took in Beakernight 2017. As part of Beakerhead, the evening celebration of science, engineering and art included MindFuel’s DIY “Time to Shine” station where 2,000 people created their own glow accoutrement – wearable science.

“Supporting our community partners is important to MindFuel,” said Cassy Weber, MindFuel CEO. “Our Beakerhead sponsorship is part of our commitment to making STEM education fun and assessable. It was great to see so many kids and adults come to our tent and put their shine on. “

In previous years, MindFuel hosted various community science installations as part of Beakerhead. This year, the organization participated in Beakernight as a sponsor.

Beakerhead is an annual program that brings together the arts, sciences, and engineering sectors to build, engage, compete, and exhibit interactive works of art, engineered creativity and entertainment.

MindFuel Glow Station at Beakernight 2017