MindFuel’s Tech Futures Challenge 2022 officially launched for youth teams using STEM solutions to make real change

MindFuel’s Tech Futures Challenge engages & inspires youth teams to find solutions to real-world problems in their communities using emerging technologies in STEM such as robotics, automation, coding, synthetic biology and bioengineering. The Tech Futures Challenge consists of two parts: Project Pitch (January 18- February 26) and Project Prototype (March 8 – May 28)  

On January 18th, MindFuel hosted the Tech Futures Challenge Project Pitch Live Kick-off Event to diverse student teams from across AB, ON & BC. There are a total of 10 teams participating  ranging from grades 7-12 and post-secondary. Teams consist of anywhere from 2-22 members with STEM technology interests ranging from 3D modeling & robotics to bio-engineering & synthetic biology. With support from the Tech Futures Challenge, youth will make sustainable, impactful contributions & change within their own communities, and beyond. 

We are fortunate to have valuable STEM industry mentors joining our Tech Futures Challenge to help support the teams and their project pitch & prototype development. Our STEM industry members are diverse and include members from the field of synthetic biology all the way to robotics, automation and the emerging tech industry. Mentors range in experience from iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) competition judges and start-up founders to CEOs of STEM companies, systems engineers, scientists and more! 

Teams registered in the Tech Futures Challenge Project Pitch will come back together on February 26 when STEM industry subject matter experts will provide feedback on teams’ project pitch videos & award prizes to teams that demonstrate a viable real-world solution to a problem related to sustainability within their communities.

Teams then can choose to move on to the Project Prototype portion of the Tech Futures Challenge where they will have the opportunity to prototype their project ideas pitched in the first part of the challenge. Teams will be supported in the prototyping stage with seed funding, mentorship support, loan materials program, project resources and hard skills development. 

Thank you to all our teams, mentors, and in-kind & funding partners! We look forward to an exciting & inspiring Tech Futures Challenge. 

For examples of past real-world projects that MindFuel youth have worked on, please visit https://youtu.be/uJJwo4O3y9M 

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the Tech Futures Challenge click here, or please contact us at challenge@mindfuel.ca.

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