Grade 12 students from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba can apply for scholarships of up to $2,500 to support their first year post-secondary studies in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Calgary – May 31, 2022 – The MindFuel Foundation is calling on all STEM minded grade 12 students, and other applicants 18 years of age and older, to apply for scholarship or bursary opportunities, to help them pursue their passion for science, technology, engineering, or math innovation. The financial support is currently being offered by MindFuel through its partners, Creative Destruction Lab – Rockies (CDL-Rockies) Opportunities Scholarship, the GrowSafe Systems Founders Scholarship, and a new bursary program through InceptionU.

“The opportunity to offer scholarships and bursaries is one of the ways MindFuel is supporting its mission to spark curiosity and fuel inspiration in the innovators of tomorrow,” says MindFuel CEO Cassy Weber. “Breaking down economic barriers to an education in STEM and innovation is critical for the future of Canada’s economic and social prosperity because it supports our mission of building Canada’s youth innovation talent pipeline.”

CDL-Rockies Opportunities Scholarship
The CDL-Rockies Opportunities Scholarship is geared to make a positive contribution toward ending the gender gap in STEM, while encouraging the best and brightest students to explore opportunities that exist within the prairies. Up to $2,500 is awarded annually to Grade 12 students graduating from an Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba high school, who identify as women, two-spirit, transgender, or non-binary.

Heather Marshall, Head, Engagement, CDL-Rockies says, “With guidance and support from Ag Stream Founding Partner and Fellow, Alison Sunstrum, the CDL-Rockies Opportunities Scholarship will contribute to the educational foundation for the next generation of women entrepreneurs and leaders. We couldn’t be more proud to partner with Alison and MindFuel to help close the gender gap in STEM, and encourage young women to build their careers within the Prairies.”

Students must be entering their first year in an undergraduate STEM-related program at an accredited post-secondary institution located in Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba. For more details, please visit The deadline for applications is June 30, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. MST. To learn more about CDL-Rockies, please visit their website.

GrowSafe Systems Founders Scholarship
Students also have the opportunity to apply for the GrowSafe Systems Founders scholarship, in memory of Dr. Terry Rachuk, PhD. The $2,500 GrowSafe scholarship is awarded to one recipient annually who is graduating from an Alberta high school and entering first year in a STEM related program at an Alberta-based post-secondary institution. Involvement in science fairs, Junior Achievement, 4H, and/or other community activities is considered an asset. For more details, please visit The deadline for applications is June 30, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. MST.

Stanley Dana Weber Memorial Scholarship, in memory of Stanley Dana Weber
Are you a trailblazer?  Do you zag where others zig?  If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, this is the scholarship opportunity for you!  You’re not performative, but you’re tuned in and have a vision.  You understand the world in a broad way: you’re a mentor, and you impart your wisdom and give your patience to those around you, in hopes they will understand how to unlock their best potential.  Do you tinker and ponder, adapt and innovate, mentor and influence.  Are you technical and mathematical, a “details mean everything” thinker, connected to the ‘big picture’, a believer in quality over quantity, and a taker of sensible risks? If so, then this is for you.  In this spirit, we’re looking for individuals cast from the same mold.   For more details, please visit The deadline for applications is June 30, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. MST.

InceptionU Bursary
InceptionU is a bursary program for applicants interested in courses designed to develop the technical skills needed to become a Full Stack Developer, which builds an adaptable, confident, and curious mindset to thrive in an ever-changing digital economy. The cohort-based program starts in September and runs in tandem with the school calendar. Qualified students will be awarded $2,500 each to help develop skills for effective systems development and for designing meaningful solutions to real-world problems.

“As a learning experience organization, we are pleased to partner with MindFuel, because we have a shared vision for supporting youth in their STEM innovation journey,” says InceptionU CEO Margo Purcell, “We support many adults as they transition to the innovation workforce, and being able to collaborate with MindFuel allows us to connect our talent pipelines.”

For more information regarding InceptionU bursary eligibility and application, visit starting June 15th.


 About MindFuel

The MindFuel Foundation is a registered charitable organization committed to creating young innovators. Since 1990, we have been developing and distributing captivating, high-quality, 21st century programs that ignite a passion for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) innovation in students of all ages. The programs are technology based and technology infused, and are developed to serve both in-classroom and extracurricular learning. To date, MindFuel has invested over $110M into Canada’s innovation ecosystem in over 1,600 communities. It serves underrepresented youth populations including Indigenous students, girls in STEM, the economically disadvantaged, remote/rural students, and newcomers to Canada.

MindFuel also delivers eLearning programming through its wholly owned subsidiary, Wonderville Enterprises Ltd., which reaches hundreds of thousands of teachers, students, and parents each year in every province and territory, supporting over 600,000 learning sessions annually in Canada, and over 6,000,000 globally. Since inception, MindFuel has reached over 147,000,000 youth in over 190 countries with its online learning programs.

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