CCHS SynBio – Cyanotoxin Recognition and Identification Test

Canmore Collegiate High School Synthetic Biology – Canmore,  AB
Keeping our water safe, one test at a time

Our aim is to develop a bioindicator test kit, both portable and easy to operate, that is capable of detecting and differentiating cyanotoxins.

Questions We’re Currently Researching

– How do we design a plasmid using benching software?

– What are necessary materials to create a bioindicator device using E. coli?

– What company is ideal to order plasmids from?

– What components are required to design a functional plasmid?

– What genes are able to recognize strands of microcystin and nodular cyanotoxins?

Team Grade Level: 9-11
Team Experience Level: Beginner/New
STEM Focus: Bioengineering / Synthetic Biology



Posted on

June 14, 2022

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