Cleaning an Interplanetary Toxin – converting perchlorate into a breathable alternative

Urban Tundra High School (Edmonton)

Cleaning an Interplanetary Toxin – bioremediating Martian soil for future human settlement and potential applications on Earth

Team Grade Level: High School
STEM Focus:  Synthetic Biology

Last year, our high school team UrbanTundra 2016 successfully expressed chlorite dismutase in E. coli, and showed that it could convert the chlorite intermediate to chloride and oxygen. This year, our plans are two-fold: 1) to complete the pathway by expressing perchlorate reductase, a challenging problem involving a large two-subunit membrane protein requiring multiple cofactors, and 2) the design of a self-contained bioreactor for the enzyme pathway that can be used on both planets.

iGEM Medal Achieved: Bronze


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January 6, 2023

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