Double A Geniuses – charging electric cars while it is moving


Double A Geniuses, Calgary, AB
Building self-charging battery for electric cars (tech focus: Engineering)
Team Grade Level: Grade 7
Team Experience Level: Beginner
STEM Focus: Technology & Engineering


Hi there people. We are making something that charges electric cars while it is moving. We chose this idea because people with electric cars ALWAYS have to stop now and then to charge their car, rather they’re going to work, going on a field trip with their family, or even driving back home. We also chose this idea because when we were listening to the radio in the car, we heard that General Motors are going to stop making gasoline cars by 2030. And by 2050 ninety percent of the cars will be electric cars. So this will be a major problem, and maybe there won’t be enough places to charge your car. So our proposed solution is putting a gear behind the front or back wheels, then we attach the gear to a dynamo which could be placed anywhere under the car, the dynamo is then connected to the batteries of the car so it can charge. So when you drive your car, the gear spins, when the gear spins, the dynamo spins when the dynamo spins, it generates electricity for the batteries of the car by turning the movement energy into electricity. We put an example of our idea on our profile picture.



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June 16, 2022

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