EcOxpress – Climate education & sustainable transportation app

GreenEarth Team – Toronto,  ON
Building a smart transportation phone app

The app empowers youth with climate knowledge to start action to beat global warming. (Available in App Store) The problem is the amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused by transportation being released into the atmosphere causing global warming and serious health risk. Our goal is to develop an app that help people learn more about the serious consequences of transportation emission and change their behaviors by choosing smart transportation. The target users of the app is mostly for elementary students. It’s also educational for drivers. Greenhouse gas emissions are taking place when we are using more cars than other forms of transportation. When everyone acts together, the impact will be enormous. Global Warming has one solution, everyone takes action to reduce carbon footprints.

Available now on the AppStore

Team Grade Level: 5 & 8
Team Experience Level: Beginner
STEM Focus: Technology, Coding, App Development,Design, Gaming


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June 14, 2022

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