NanoHeme – Universal Blood Substitute


NanoHeme – Calgary, Alberta

There is a constant need for blood, yet the supply of human-donated blood is limited and has a short shelf life. This shortage is critical in emergency trauma incidences, where hemorrhaging is responsible for 40% of trauma-related deaths. Ambulances often don’t carry blood due to blood type incompatibilities and poor shelf life. But here’s where NanoHeme comes in. It’s a universal blood substitute that meets several UN sustainability goals and can help bridge this gap. NanoHeme will utilize a protein carrier naturally present in humans to transport hemoglobin through the blood and neutralize its toxic effects. This allows for the safe transportation of oxygen throughout the body, ultimately saving lives.

Team Grade Level: Collegiate
Team Experience Level: Returning Team
STEM Focus: Synthetic Biology
UN Sustainability Focus:
Good health & well-being
Reduced Inequalities
Responsible production & consumption
Prototype Pitch Video:


Posted on

March 12, 2024

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