Net zerO Heroes – a sustainable event planning app


Net zerO Heroes, Canmore, AB

Building an event planning app that supports sustainability (tech focus: coding & data science)


Team Grade Level: 11
Team Experience Level: Beginner
STEM Focus: Coding


Our sustainable event planning app will be a registration type app in which people can find out the greenhouse gasses that they will emit through attending said events, as well as ways to offset these emissions and seek greener alternatives (like hotels and restaurants) that they can choose from instead.

We believe that environmental education is an essential and power tool for fighting climate change, and that this education should be easily accessible for all. With this belief in mind, we thought that an app could be a great way to provide easy access to this education and what to do about it. Our project fits with the 11th UN Sustainable Development Goal of “sustainable cities and communities.” This is because it is through the efforts of many that change is made. By providing education for attendees and event planners to help them make a change in their own lives, their collective actions have the potential to foster change in a greater community.

Our app will be divided up into three main sections. The first section is the greenhouse gas emission calculator, in which individuals will fill out a series of questions pertaining to the trip for the event that they are planning. These questions will involve the distance they will have to travel to get to their destination, the mode of transportation that they are taking, the number of days that they will be staying (if travelling to a new city), etc. After typing in their answers, the app will measure their carbon footprint in tonnes of carbon dioxide.

The second section of the app is the offsetting guide. Once the carbon footprint has been calculated, the app will provide ways in which individuals can offset these emissions (according to the amount of emissions they produced.) These include donating to green organizations.

The third section of the app would be a list of sustainable hotels or restaurants that individuals can consider going to when travelling to their event. Users will be able to collect points with the usage of the app through offsetting their emissions and using one of the sustainable hospitality services suggested. The points then can go towards coupons for money off at sustainable hotels and restaurants. Event planners that have suggested the app to attendees will be notified when an attendee is anonymously using the app, and will therefore be able to present to the public the sustainability of their event.


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June 16, 2022

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