Next Vivo – cell-free synthetic biology

University of Lethbridge (Lethbridge)

Next Vivo – We aim to develop a standardized, modular, and open-source ex vivo transcription and translation (TX/TL) system available for research and teaching communities worldwide

Team Grade Level: University
STEM Focus:  Synthetic Biology

Vivo systems are highly useful tools in making synthetic biology accessible to novices, providing enthusiasts with inexpensive cell-free synthesis, and empowering experts with modular control over robust expression systems. With our end-users in mind, we have designed, modelled, and built a plasmid-based multi-protein parts collection for the stoichiometric expression of all required biomachinery for coupled TX/TL reactions, as well as a novel purification method that makes these parts readily available from an inexpensive single-step elution. Lastly, we have created a software tool to preempt biosecurity challenges associated with genetic recoding in ex vivo systems.

iGEM Medal Achieved: Gold


Posted on

January 6, 2023

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