DNADetect – Nanoscale Biosensor To Pinpoint Neurovascular Damage


DNADetect – Calgary, Alberta

Rising neurodegenerative disorders are linked to blood-brain barrier damage, leading to significant health and economic burdens. Current diagnostic methods are slow, lack sensitivity, and fail to offer early detection, exacerbating the challenge of managing diseases like Alzheimer’s. Enter DNADetect: a cutting-edge nanoscale biosensor harnessing RNA aptamers and DNA origami to pinpoint neurovascular damage swiftly and accurately. This innovation promises early diagnosis, streamlining healthcare, reducing costs, and aligning with the UN’s goals for good health and sustainable, equitable medical practices.

Team Grade Level: Collegiate
Team Experience Level: Intermediate
STEM Focus: Synthetic Biology
UN Sustainability Focus:
Good health & well-being
Reduced inequalities
Responsible consumption & production
Prototype Pitch Video:


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March 12, 2024

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