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Greenlith – Calgary, Alberta

Every gadget today consists of Li-ion batteries. These batteries hold over 90% of the global grid market and as the world shifts to EVs to reduce its fossil fuel dependence, we need to be aware that Lithium is also finite, hence it too needs to be recycled. There are not many market players in recycling and those that are present rely heavily on chemical and mechanical processes, which are not only energy intensive and unsustainable but also expensive as Lithium extraction from recycling costs $4.96/kg as compared to lithium mining, which costs around $2.38/kg, causing us to depend more upon Lithium imports instead of recycling more often.Therefore, we, at GreenLith, are trying to solve this problem by using synthetic biology, as not only would it be novel, and sustainable, but also it would reduce our dependence on Lithium imports as we aim to cut recycling costs by 80%. Hence, we invite you to join us in this exciting journey towards a cleaner, greener future as we are not just recycling batteries; we are redefining the future of energy storage and environmental sustainability.
Team Grade Level: Collegiate
Team Experience Level: Returning team
STEM Focus: Synthetic Biology
UN Sustainability Focus:
Sustainable Cities and Communities
Renewable Energy
Climate Action
Prototype Pitch Video:


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March 12, 2024

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