Ex-Alta 2 cube satellite – predicting, tracking, and assessing the after effects of wildfires

United Robotics of Lacombe, Lacombe, AB

Building a mini-satellite app to detect and prevent forest fires (tech focus: robotics)

Team Grade Level: 10-12
Team Experience Level: Advanced
STEM Focus: Robotics

We would like to build a replica of a cube satellite named Exalta-2 in partnership with University of Alberta. Exalta-2 is a cube-satellite made of three CubeSats (10x10x10)cm stacked on top of each other. Within the middle cube, we plan on placing a multispectral imager camera that will use visible and IR images to look at wildfires. The two outside cube satellites will contain power, communication, stabilization (ADCS), control (Athena circuit board) and sensor subsystems. Because we do not have the funds for a camera, we will be using a much smaller camera. We will program this camera to take video and pictures that can be downloaded and processed.



Posted on

June 16, 2022

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