GreenEarth – an app to help reduce food waste

GreenEarth – Toronto, ON

Reduce food waste via an app that connects those in need and those in excess.

Everyday we see some kind of wasted food everywhere, at homes, on the streets, sidewalks, in public transportations, stores, restaurants, workplaces and schools. It’s an important issue that we have to tackle to save our planet- Earth. Tones of foods such as bread, milk, vegetables and fruits end up getting wasted annually due to being expired, or simply just not being able to use them, filling up in landfills and contributes to the greenhouse gas effect. The 2.3 million tons of food Canadians waste is equal to 2.1 million cars on the road, emitting 6.9 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year. What can we do about this preventable food waste issue? Our solution is – an app – SmartConsumer educates users about food waste and the importance of being responsible consumers through fun and engaging games. As a consumer one simple behavior, a better decision can make a big difference for a better world.

Team Grade Level: Grade 8
Team Experience Level: Beginner
STEM Focus: Coding, App Development
UN Sustainability Focus “Good Health & Well Being
Sustainable Cities & Communities
Climate Action”




Posted on

March 9, 2023

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