Project CRIT – water test kits for Cyanobacteria

Project CRIT, CCHS SynBio Team, Canmore Alberta

Designing a portable water test kit to determine the toxicity levels of water bodies, and in particular be to test for Cyanobacteria, a toxic photosynthetic that threatens organisms and ecosystem health.

As water sanitation becomes more and more critical to protecting life on Earth, scientists need an effective, timely way to determine the toxicity of water bodies. A photosynthetic microbe called Cyanobacteria produces harmful toxins that threaten organism and ecosystem health. CCHS SynBio is designing a portable water test kit for these bacteria and their toxins using the properties that make them so dangerous. We aim to engineer E. coli cells to identify and differentiate between types on toxins on-site.

Team Grade Level: 10
Team Experience Level: Advanced
STEM Focus: Synthetic Biology
UN Sustainability Focus Clean Water & Sanitation

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March 9, 2023

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