EcoBottle – develop reverse vending machine model to encourage recycling

EcoBottle – Rundle College, Calgary, AB

Create a vending machine that exchanges empty bottles for cash (recycling vending machine)

EcoBottle uses the idea of reverse vending machines to save the environment. With these machines, people can dispose of their bottles as easily as buying a bottle from a vending machine – just in reverse!

The purpose of this project is to make our world a cleaner and less polluted place. These machines will feature a camera to allow the machine to recognize what type of bottle has been used and give out the amount of money required in the form of cash or store credit.”

Team Grade Level: Grade 8
Team Experience Level: Beginner
STEM Focus: Coding, Robotics, App Development
UN Sustainability Focus Clean Water & Sanitation
Sustainable Cities & Communities
Responsible Consumption & Production
Renewable Energy
Climate Action

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March 9, 2023

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